Martin Dietrich

Longing For The Light

Longing For The Light

Longing For The Light

September 2013, Frankfurt, Germany. Shot with Lubitel 166+ on Ilford Delta 400 medium format film. Architecture is a fundamental element of Martin‘s work, used as instrument to embody his thoughts. This shot of the so called Garden Tower in Frankfurt is ideally connected with „Disappearance“. Both photos are clearly minimalistic in their appearance with a resembling geometrical impact. They‘re reflecting the uncertainty about the future regarding human progression and evolvement as the ever growing highrise buildings vanish into the sky.

About the artist Martin Dietrich

Martin is occupationally trapped in a world of numbers and clauses. Somehow captivated by photography ever since, he started taking photos in 2009 to escape this state of facts and figures for a moment while exploring his creative alter ego. Roaming his hometown Frankfurt, Germany with a camera nearly every day gradually opened his eyes for lines and perspectives. Clearly fascinated by minimalism and abstraction, his view on urbanity reveals unfamiliar impressions of familiar environments.

Despite appreciating the benefits of digital photography, Martin is fascinated by film photography just as well. A large part of his work is shot on medium format film.

When he has no camera in hand, Martin is into listening and discovering music, reading and supporting his local football team in home and away games all over germany and europe. He is married since 2010.



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