Alexis Madison

Behind These Gates 2

Behind These Gates 2

Behind These Gates 2

This photograph is part of Melissas' series "Is There Any Life Behind These Gates?". Going back to a mysterious location where he has shot before, the purpose of these photographs is depicting the very different situations we can find in his make-believe underground world behind these elevator doors, as a modern-day metaphor for the dichotomy between the public lives we live and our private aspirations or the fact that some of us wear masks but only rarely reveal our true identities. With model Carole Dufloo.

About the artist Alexis Madison

Deeply involved in the fields of entrepreneurship and the contracting business, for years Alexis Madison has also been developing a "secret passion" for photography. A true creative outlet compared to his daily business, which is mostly driven by performance amongst competitors. He likes to describe his work as that of someone with the artistic eye of an observer.



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