Kevin Wippermann

Courant Flamand

Courant Flamand

Courant Flamand

A photographer's search for enchanting sights doesn't always need to be a remote affair. The picturesque medieval city of Bruges, with its cobblestone streets, old city walls and circle of canals holds some truly remarquable hidden treasures around every corner. It was on a quite Sunday morning, rambling through the "Venice of the North", that Kevin stumbled upon this scene that instantly reminded him of one of Canaletto's veduta landscapes.

About the artist Kevin Wippermann

Having a hectic and very time-consuming corporate life, photography is Kevin's true creative escape. Every time he travels - it's accompanied by his trusted DSLR, as well as the readyness to capture every fleeting moment that might speak to his imagination or inspiration; a fugitive smile, a wondrous scenery, an informal instant... all might turn into a photograph, filled to the brim with reference and feeling.



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