Marie-Alice Tollet

Escalade Quinqua

Escalade Quinqua

Escalade Quinqua

Situated on the playgrounds of the usually verdant Parc du Cinquantenaire at the heart of Brussels, these climbing blocks acquire an almost foreign shape in this composition. Again playing with the memory of places, we can easily imagine this deserted space being filled with bustling fervor. The rich tapestry of bright red leaves is in stark contrast to the green hedge and the row of barren trees in the back, symbolizing the passing of time and perpetual renewal, just like the playground and its visitors. Somewhat ironically the only lively tree sits atop a tower of bricks, metal and glass…

About the artist Marie-Alice Tollet

An established photographer and graphic designer, Marie-Alice Tollet (°82) is now active at the heart of the independent photography collective VISUELLES. Heavily influenced by documentary and contemporary photography, her subject of predilection is the “memory of places”. She loves to switch between analog and digital, depending on conditions and studies. Like frozen in time, her images nourish our imagination and collective subconscious alike.



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