Homo Saltatorius

Homo Saltatorius

Homo Saltatorius

These six great "danseurs" in a '70s production by Maurice Béjart, seem fixed in different positions as if to illustrate the varying poses one can accomplish through hours of dedicated training and sheer talent. Like a fragmented version of Da Vinci's Homo Universalis, these Dancing Men fill up the stage with grace and make for a stunning composition of dramatic tension and visual balance.

About the artist MEMENTO

Under the appropriately named collective ‘Memento’, Art My Place is proud to introduce a collection of historical works by (often deliberately) anonymous artists. These photographs have been carefully selected by our team to represent a by-gone era, harking back to very different times and places, yet still with an unmistakable presence and recognizable situations. Each month we will add a new find to this series.



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