Jürgen de Witte

Infinity III

Infinity III

Infinity III

The “Infinity” photographs are extreme close-ups of the wingtips of one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world: the Urania Ripheus or Sunseth Moth. These works show an extraordinary range of color, from an aerial blue to an electric green and from a warm magenta to a deep purple. The individual scales that form the butterfly’s wings interlace to create a stunning new patchwork of tinted waves.

This series of photographs are a collaboration with Metamorphose (Natural Design Frames), an art-project founded in 2012 whose aim is to show the pure aesthetics of insects taken out of their natural environment: "As founders of Metamorphose we regularly travel to remote locations all over the world in search of the most spectacular and practically unknown species. We want to show the beauty of beetles and other insects in a way that hasn’t been experienced before. Most people still have a negative reaction when faced with these insects. We see it as our mission to adjust people’s sensitivities for their extraordinarily natural beauty - in a way it may contribute to these species’ overall appreciation and protection for the future."

About the artist Jürgen de Witte

Jürgen de Witte (°84, Bruges) graduated as a certified photographer in 2008 and has been working as a full-time independent photographer ever since. From his studio and gallery in Damme he swarms through Belgium and abroad for challenging assignments in various photographic fields, including portrait, reportage and advertising photography. He is also a passionate nature and landscape photographer.

In November 2012 Jürgen was awarded a Silver Award as Promising Photographer by the Belgian Association of Professional Photographers.

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