Ingo vs. Brian

Ingo vs. Brian

Ingo vs. Brian

As this boxing referee declares the final decision on the bout, Brian, thinking himself victorious, gets upset to hear "Ingo" is declared the victor on points, and begins arguing quite expressively. But judged is judged. This bird's-eye-view of a boxing match in the late '60s in Berlin shows an interesting perspective, puts us right in the middle of the action and even lets us feel like observer (and judge?) of this symbolic altercation.

About the artist MEMENTO

Under the appropriately named collective ‘Memento’, Art My Place is proud to introduce a collection of historical works by (often deliberately) anonymous artists. These photographs have been carefully selected by our team to represent a by-gone era, harking back to very different times and places, yet still with an unmistakable presence and recognizable situations. Each month we will add a new find to this series.



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