La Biblioteca Rebelde

La Biblioteca Rebelde

La Biblioteca Rebelde

This stunning archive photograph from the right-side wing of the Biblioteca Nacional de Uruguay was taken in Montevideo in 1969, during the social unrest of student demonstrations and the urban guerilla actions of the Movimiento de Liberación Nacional-Tupamaros. By the late 1960s, various faculties of the capital's Universidad de la República had become extremely politicized with student sit-ins and riots. Since the National Library is right next to the University's headquarters, this might explain the demands for change and education reform scribbled on stone. One wonders which of these messages remains anno 2013...

About the artist MEMENTO

Under the appropriately named collective ‘Memento’, Art My Place is proud to introduce a collection of historical works by (often deliberately) anonymous artists. These photographs have been carefully selected by our team to represent a by-gone era, harking back to very different times and places, yet still with an unmistakable presence and recognizable situations. Each month we will add a new find to this series.



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