Gwen Velge




A recurring theme in Gwen’s work is the juxtaposition of virgin natural landscapes with the unvoluntary creation of manmade roads, craters and bridges, twisting their way in surprising elegance. This piece has the feel of an expressionistic painting, with palpable brushstrokes and evident structure displayed in an intriguing composition of pigment and tint.

About the artist Gwen Velge

Mesmerized by nature, its brute force and remarkable quirks, Gwen has a deep passion for flight and photo. Above all he enjoys sharing what he sees from above with others and ponders about the place we hold in the center of this universe. His pictures are above all an open door to interpretation and philosophical travels of the mind, questioning our actions and decisions that shape and adapt our inhabited world. His personal artistic motto is “Solas suas”, which means “Amaze Yourself” in Irish Gaelic.



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