Elodie Fougère

Range Ta Chambre!

Range ta chambre !

Range Ta Chambre!

A humorous reference to the state of her young son’s bedroom, this image extrapolates a specific status to its exaggerated extreme. Taken in Paris in 2010, the soundtrack to this moment at a cultural festival was a distant monitored heartbeat coming from another installation nearby. The cold and clinical feeling E?lodie felt right after taking this picture, literally made her want to “clean up her mess”. The endless pile of discarded clothes, stripped from use and function, seems to gain a new purpose as a metaphorical mountain of excess in this ever-changing society of consumption and replacement.

About the artist Elodie Fougère

Stemming from a more classical background when it comes to education (art history, l’ E?cole du Louvre and a major in psychology), E?lodie never considered photography to be her profession. She wouldn’t even qualify it as ‘photography’ but rather visual art; it’s a starting point to which she adds paint, textures even in furniture and textiles. The pseudonym “Kalanch-Ôé” is a representation of her artistic persona and a simple way of being free as an artist without the constraints of appearing egocentric or self-obsessed. She finds inspiration in her daily life, the places she visits, the individuals she meets, her lectures and most of all in the people she likes (or in the ones she doesn’t).

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