Rio Fever

Rio Fever

Rio Fever

A weekend at the beach in Rio De Janeiro might sound quite enticing - but this stunning photograph of a sunny afternoon at Copacabana Beach shows what seems like the entire country of Brazil on a single strip of sand. The wind pushed the breeze towards the shore, creating a fog-like illusion. A phantasmagorical and surreal ambience, only heightened by our photographer's great joy of being present for this atmospheric shot.

About the artist AlohaFred

Born in Brussels (°81) but raised in South-Africa, this young artist discovered photography on a one year-long stay in Hawaii. After returning to Belgium to finish his master's degree in management, this autodidact just couldn't let his unbridled passion for photography be left by the wayside. Most of what he's learned by now happened as a natural and self-taught progression through books, forums, blogs and vast experience.

AlohaFred is passionate about surfing, traveling, new encounters of all kinds, getting lost in unknown surroundings and people with an enthusiasm for work well executed and with an original touch. He gets electrified by the little things in life, the ones that make it all the more interesting and surprising on a daily basis.



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