Gaetan Stephenne

Shanghai Underwork

Shanghai Underwork

Shanghai Underwork

Like birds on a wire, these workmen perform at vertigo-inducing heights on the megalopolis' many skyscrapers under construction; a mixture of acrobats and skilled tightrope walkers. As the only colorful specs in a dreary cement mass, they show the progress it takes to get to the imposing final result of creating our urban jungles.

About the artist Gaetan Stephenne

As a specialist for special risk insurances in Event & Film, Gaetan (°81) discovered photography during a prolonged stay in Shanghai in 2008. He became fascinated by the breathtaking urban landscapes of the megalopolis, the local practices and the contrasting energy of a country in full booming expansion. Back in Europe since 2010, his interest in the details and practices of photography has kept growing exponentially.



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