Kevin Wippermann

Twilight City

Fog Light Shadow

Twilight City

A gloomy night view from New York City, this photograph shows the array of office lights and commuting cars still holding on to the activity, though the city is mired in dusk and nightfall. Still pulsating like an artery carrying oxygen towards its organs, the city feels alive, yet at the same time very much on the cusp of nighttime. The steady stream of emblematic yellow cabs only enhances this existing contrast.

About the artist Kevin Wippermann

Having a hectic and very time-consuming corporate life, photography is Kevin's true creative escape. Every time he travels - it's accompanied by his trusted DSLR, as well as the readyness to capture every fleeting moment that might speak to his imagination or inspiration; a fugitive smile, a wondrous scenery, an informal instant... all might turn into a photograph, filled to the brim with reference and feeling.



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