Marie-Alice Tollet

Vacance(s) I

Vacance(s) I

Vacance(s) I

Vacant: from the Latin verb vacare: to be empty.

In actuality these places seem only to exist in our imagination: starting from the travel agency’s dreamy clichés, meant to attract willing crowds in these various relaxation spots. Then come the holiday pictures that only hold on to singular moments without truly revealing the surrounding settings. Finally our souvenirs are often embellished or at least cleansed of the desolate atmosphere that can be present. It’s like we choose not to see what’s really there, like we prefer not to sacrifice the idea of our fragile fabricated holiday magic…

On the off-season, at the heart of winter, with no living soul(s), the very same scenes take the form of vast work sites, of a no man’s land of the world of leisure consumption – they are engulfed in a heavy silence.

About the artist Marie-Alice Tollet

An established photographer and graphic designer, Marie-Alice Tollet (°82) is now active at the heart of the independent photography collective VISUELLES. Heavily influenced by documentary and contemporary photography, her subject of predilection is the “memory of places”. She loves to switch between analog and digital, depending on conditions and studies. Like frozen in time, her images nourish our imagination and collective subconscious alike.



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