Gwen Velge

Volcanic Vascular System

Volcanic vascular system

Volcanic Vascular System

A veritable first for Gwen with his rather impromptu approach to scouting for locations, this site was spotted by him while wandering virtually on Google Earth. Intrigued by the scheme of fiery tones, reality (as it usually does) turned out to be that much more impressive than he could have anticipated. The tailing ponds of this aluminum refinery posses the qualities of an organic volcanic tissue, pulsating with energy and spark.

About the artist Gwen Velge

Mesmerized by nature, its brute force and remarkable quirks, Gwen has a deep passion for flight and photo. Above all he enjoys sharing what he sees from above with others and ponders about the place we hold in the center of this universe. His pictures are above all an open door to interpretation and philosophical travels of the mind, questioning our actions and decisions that shape and adapt our inhabited world. His personal artistic motto is “Solas suas”, which means “Amaze Yourself” in Irish Gaelic.



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